Man I need to pick up my tablet more often…

Drawing a character I should probably draw more often.

Drawing a character I should probably draw more often.

Hiragana…why u make me cry self to sleep…

Just got through first day of Japanese class….I have to learn 43 letters of Hiragana by Thursday…dear god help me…

Final parts of my Pino the Artist

Work in progress of the character Pino from Ergo Proxy

"Its Gozira!~"

"Its Gozira!~"


So, you put your Windows computer to sleep for the night. Come back the next day, wake up your computer to do some work on that image you’ve had open and….


Oh dear, you’ve seemed to have lost all pressure sensitivity and high resolution tracking! Well, you figure, let’s…

A little practice redoing an old pieceOld one is here

A little practice redoing an old piece

Old one is here


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